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DURATION 45 minutes
SCRIPT & PERFORMANCE Jovan Avramoski and Silas Neumann

About Where were we: Confronted with the special position of being a German in a foreign country, I asked myself: Am I a grandchild of a Nazi? This was the starting point of a challenging search. My grandmother had dementia and wasn’t able or willing to remember anything about this period. And my father also remain silent. The family history seems to be a delicate matter. Little by little the true story was revealed.
The search was contrasted by the story of Jovan Avramoski. His grandmother experienced the war in the Netherlands. She gave shelter to people that had to hide during this period and got royalty honoured for the precise documentation of the war in her diaries.
On stage we were telling and playing two totally different stories in the same war. Personal and confronting stories. Knowing about the circumstances there was a question arising: Would I have done the same?

The play was made for the War remembrance on the 4th of may 2013 and performed in Theater Odeon, Zwolle.