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ABOUT               AGENDA               CONTACT


DURATION 15 minutes
CONCEPT, DIRECTING, SCRIPT &PERFORMANCE Silas Neumann and Josje Eijkenboom
DRAMATURGICAL ADVICE Simone Hogendijk and Jetse Batelaan

About OMDAT DE KONING ZEI: In a speech in 2013 the dutch King said that the society is about to change. The citizens of the Netherlands need to take their responsibility. A new age is about to begin. And in this age the nation will no longer supply everything for it’s citizens. It’s time that the individual participates in the society. Join in! Be part of! Participate! But how? In this documentary play Silas Neumann and Josje Eijkenboom describe their search for the perfect society of participation. Referring to their experiences they give the audience a training course. As part of the  the container plays (City of the future) from festival OverhetIJ, Silas Neumann and Josje Eijkenboom developed a documentary play over a society where each individual has to participate.