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One shot recording: 3.06  minutes (in a loop). Recorded in 1280 x 720.

Heimat 3,06 is a recording of 23 photographic slides projected by two slide projectors and merged into 23 images, changing about every 8 seconds. The purpose of this artwork is to reveal or de-glamorize the notion of Heimat as an nostalgic desire for a non-place. It was selected and screened as part of the Switch Art Project in Nenagh, Co Tipperary, Ireland (2019):
During this event international film and video artworks are back-projected for one week onto the windows of shops and other spaces throughout the town. The events initiate conversations between artists and audiences, artworks and their sites. It is project by Triona Ryan & Harald Turek.

Pat Harrold (columnist for the Irish Times) wrote about the video in his text Heimat:
“One window introduces us to Heimat; the memories and sensations of our youths, a word and a film for something we always knew existed but could not describe. The windows evoke sensations in us. A lot of these sensations are based on continuity, on the awareness that time goes on. One remembers that a period of one’s life has an irrecoverable past in one window. In another a gale from the West makes us think of time passing and the timeline of natural things.”