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MATERIALS Wood and solar light
DIMENSIONS 3,2 m, 1,3 m, 1,3 m
Silas Neumann en Sjef Mols

The folly Bildstock is based on the religious road monuments in the south of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Those monuments were originally meant as an encouragement to pray for travellers or as a sign of gratefulness for the endured dangers along the way.
As part of the Folly-Art-Norg 2022 route, we build an up scaled Bildstock. By entering the pedestal through a stair, the visitor can place himself in the shrine. Through this interference the Bildstock is changing into a photo wall we know from touristic places like amusement parks. The visitor is staging himself within the building .
We reconstructed a building that has a long history and is based on religious meaning to point out that these values are not important for today’s tourist. He himself and the way he is staging himself has taken the place of value.

“Well made artworks that constantly raise the question: What exactly is a folly? And what should it be?”
(dagblad van het noorden over Folly Art 2022)