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DURATION 20 minutes
COCEPT, DESIGN & PERFORMANCE Silas Neumann and Josje Eijkenboom

Live-stream projection, overhead projection, audio fragments and narration. Performed 12 times at the international Theatre Festival ‘Puppet’ in 2016.

About 40/45: Together with Josje Eijkenboom I enquired the story of Anneliese Lehrmann, a young German women who was working in Meppel during the war. At the moment she had decided to quit her administration work in Meppel and headed to escape towards Germany she was shot by an aeroplane at the station of Meppel.
During the performance we try to show the influences of the decisions of that young women. And on the other hand ask the question: Can you feel pity for her? We used a handheldcamera as a puppet moving trough small models of the scenery of the town. The audience could see the scenes live projected. We also used narrative elements and audio fragments to tell the story.

“A very delicate performance, including a lot of different forms of narrative.”
Dagblad van het Noorden (7-10-2016)